Why frictionless Caged Ball technology is superior

August 11, 2023

The Caged Ball LM Guide uses ball cages to remove friction between the evenly spaced ball bearings to improve torque characteristics significantly, while circulating.

An oil film, which is not broken easily, forms on the ball bearings. This is as a result of the grease which is applied on the contact surface between each ball bearing and the ball cage as the ball rotates.

The lack of friction between the ball bearings, as well as increased grease retention, results in a long service life and long term maintenance and lubrication-free operation of the LM Guide.

A lack of ball-to-ball collision creates a low noise and the lack of friction results in low heat generation, high speed operations and high grease retention.

Smooth ball rotation is also achieved due to the circulation of line of the evenly spaced ball bearings. The cage ball uniformly aligns and prevents a line of ball bearings from meandering as the enter the LM block. A smooth and stable motion is created, therefore minimising fluctuations in rolling resistance to create high accuracy in any mounting orientation. 

The caged ball LM Guide generates low dust as the LM Guide has a high grease retention level and reduces fly loss of grease.