Unique linear guide solutions for industry

November 9, 2022

T Race’s MONORACE MR rail series is setting the benchmark for innovative linear motion solutions and offers effective results for various automation applications.

The MR rail series is a semi-maintenance free linear motion solution that can offer high radial load rating and resolves misalignment in a system, i.e. loading gantry or cutting gantry.

It provides vertical and horizontal self-alignment features.

The sliders consist of strong polymide wipers and grease impregnated felts that provide well lubricated raceways.

Nitrided and oil impregnated carbon steel linear guide rails results in the solution being semi-maintenance free.

The MR rail series consists of roller wheels on the linear roller slider, which offers a double row recirculating set of ball bearings enclosed in a roller wheel, accompanied by two RS seals. This prevents any dust contaminants entering the ball bearings.

The series, which is the most compact system, is also the highest performing roller slider system on the market.

The MR series are high precision cold-drawn profiles, made from a specific casehardening steel alloy, to ensure optimal surface hardening by nitrogen diffusion. The treatment also provides strong resistance to corrosion while reducing the friction and wear, resulting in longer life.