The six categories of THK of LM Guide seals for the market (Part 2)

February 26, 2024

4. Made to order Light-Resistance Contact Seal (LiCS) - Applicable to SVR + SVS models

LiCS is a light sliding resistance contact seal that effectively removes dust on the raceway and retains lubricants such as grease, while achieving extremely low drag and smooth, stable motion.

LiCS uses a light-resistance material in its sealing element. It achieves a low drag resistance when contacting the LM rail raceway due to oil-impregnated, expanded synthetic rubber. LiCS is suited to applications where low drag resistance is required, such as semiconductor-related devices, inspection devices and OA equipment.

The Common Seal Types: 

GG - With LiCS 

PP - With LiCS + side seal + inner seal

5. Made to order Seal Side Scraper (for SVR + SVS models only)

The side scraper reduces the chances of foreign material entering from the side of the LM Guide in harsh environments and boasts a dust protection effect in inverted or wall mount.

The side scraper can accommodate various options of dust control accessories and lubrication accessories.

SVR45 LR 1 QZ JJHH YY C1 +1200L   |    (With side scraper )

6. Made to order Seal Protector (for SVR + SVS models only)

The protector reduces the chances of foreign material entering, even in harsh environments where foreign material such as fine particles and liquids are present.