The DC Auto-Motion guide to THK’s Miniature SRS LM Guides

November 9, 2022

THK offers its innovative range of miniature LM Guides with Caged Ball technology which have significant benefits of low dust generation and anti-corrosion.

The SRS model’s major applications include semiconductor manufacturing machine, optical stage, medical equipment and IC bonder.

The SRS-M and SRS WM models are light and compact. The SRS Caged Ball LM Guide’s structure incorporates two raceways, which allows the model to receive loads in radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions and can be used in locations where a moment is applied in a single rail.

The SRS model is lightweight with a low inertia, as part of the LM Block is designed with resin and formed with insert moulding.

The SRS cross section is designed to be low, contains only two rows of ball bearings and can be installed in space-saving locations.

Zero friction between the ball bearings is achieved due to the ball cages, as a result, lubrication is sustained further resulting in low dust generation. The LM Block and Rails are also highly corrosion resistant due to its stainless steel.

The absence of friction also results in a high speed, low noise, fair running sound, a long service life and long-term maintenance-free operation.

The SRS-M model is the standard version of the LM Guide SRS series.

The SRS-WM model is a longer and wider version of SRS and the LM Guide takes higher loads and greater torque compared to the SRS-M.