Superior Roller Telescopic slides TLR, TLRX (Part 1)

November 9, 2022

The innovative slides are developed for heavy duty high-tech telescopic applications with accurate motorised movement that require constant smooth sliding performance and are also recommended for high frequency applications. 

The TLR’s high performance is attributed to the double-row precision bearings, strong rails with hardened and honed raceways, fixed to a rigid intermediate S-shape steel plate. This ensures high load capacities and low flexion at even fully extended positions. 

Strong raceway wipers and longitudinal seals ensure dust and impurity protection, which eliminates the need for maintenance. The slides have a long operation period due to an integrated lubed-for-life greasing system, which creates a constant thin layer of lubrication on the railways. 

The TLR system has significant benefits for various automation applications with variable strokes, for which a ball-cage slide often has ball-cage creeping challenges (friction problems to reach full extension, as the ball-cage is forced out to the end position, instead of rolling). 

The TLRX slides are available for corrosive ambients and includes all components and intermediate elements in stainless steel INOX but excludes the rails, which have T-Race-NOX anti-corrosion treatment; an oxidation treatment and impregnation in hot oil to offer a good corrosion resistance. 

*This article forms part of a two-part series. For part two look out for TLR Roller Telescopic slides’ extension and self-aligning capacity (Part 2)