New cost effective guides - more guide for your buck

November 9, 2022

THK has now introduced its cost-effective LM guides onto the market.

With the financial concerns in the market, customers can now enjoy THK’s cost effective LM guides, with the same quality and value as its originals, at a lower price.

THK offers the HSR-C and HSR-R model series with universal dimensions and unaffected load ratings.

The HSR model’s structure includes ball bearing in four rows of raceways precision-ground on an LM rail and block. The ball bearings are allowed to circulate through the end-plates that are incorporated into the LM block.

Each row of ball bearings are found at a contact angle of 45° ensuring that the rated loads applied to the LM block are uniform in the four directions to allow the LM to be used in all orientations.

Another advantage of this model is the well-balanced preload the LM block can receive. This increases the rigidity in four directions but maintains a constant, low friction coefficient. This model displays a highly accurate and stable linear motion through its low sectional height and high rigidity design.