Methods of protection for your LM Guide (Part 2*)

February 26, 2024

1. Steel Tapes (Optional)

Steel tapes are a form of contamination protection for machine tools. The steel tape significantly increases sealability when the LM rail mounting holes are covered with an ultra-thin stainless steel plate.

The increased sealability also prevents the penetration of a coolant or cutting chips from the top face of the LM rail.

Mounting the Steel Tape

  • The LM Block must be removed from the rail with the mounting or removing jig.
  • The top face of the LM Rail, where the steel tape is to be attached, must be degreased and cleaned with a suitable detergent such as industrial alcohol.
  • Attach the steel tape on the rail. Do not bend or sag the steel tape and carefully peel the steel tape's release paper.
  • Ensure the steel tape is rubbed down on the rail. The steel tape's adhesive strength increases over time. It can be removed from the rail by pulling its end upward.
  • Using the mounting or removing jig again, mount the LM Block onto the rail.
  • Ensure the end pieces of the LM Rail are attached on both sides, taking care to fasten only the set screw in the top face of each piece. Secure the steel tape again.

EP End Pieces

EP end pieces form part of locking down the ends of the steel tape onto the LM rail.

For the models whose ball bearings may fall if the LM Rail is pulled out of the LM Block, an end piece is attached to the product to prevent the LM Block from being removed from the LM Rail.

Ensure that the LM Block does not overshoot if removing the end piece when using the LM Guide. The end piece can be used as a fixing jig for the steel tape and is available for the HSR, SR, SSR and SHS LM Rail models.

2. Dedicated Bellows

THK has dedicated bellows for the ultimate protection of your LM rail. The bellows are used in locations that are exposed to dust or cutting chips.

Features of Dedicated Bellows DH for Model SHS

  • Has a smaller width and height compared to the conventional product. This will prevent any part of the bellow from sticking out of the top face of the LM block. Compared to the conventional type, the extension rate is equal to or greater.
  • Each crest has an intermediate plate to prevent it from lifting easily. The bellows can be used with vertical mount, wall mount and slant mount.
  • Operable at high speed of up to 120 m/min.
  • Owing to the use of Velcro tape in the installation of the bellows, a regular-size model can be cut to the desired length, or two or more regular-size bellows can be taped together.
  • Can be installed using screws.

*This article forms part of a two-part series. Part-one was published Methods of protection for your LM Guide (Part 1)