Methods of protection for your LM Guide (Part 1*)

February 26, 2024

THK offers a range of contamination protection methods for the optimal performance of your LM Guide.

1. C-Caps (Standard)

Foreign matter or cutting chips that enter the mounting holes of the LM rail could also enter the LM block structure.To prevent this, each rail mounting hole should be covered with a dedicated C-Cap to ensure the top of the mounting holes are on the same level as the LM rail top face.

The dedicated C-Cap for LM rail mounting holes is highly durable as it uses a special synthetic resin with high oil resistance and high wear resistance.

To attach the dedicated cap to the mounting hole, place a flat metal piece on the cap and gradually hammer in the cap until it is on the same level as the top face of the LM rail. Take care to not remove any of the LM blocks from the LM rail when attaching the dedicated C-Cap for LM rail mounting hole.

2. GC-Caps (Optional)

GC-Caps are metal caps that cover the LM Rail's mounting holes.

The contamination protection performance of the LM Guide will increase significantly if coolant or foreign material is prevented from entering the top face of the LM Rail with the use of seals.

The GC-Caps remove gaps around the mounting holes (countersunk holes).

The GC-Caps' superior abrasion resistance creates long-term sealing. The GC-Cap is strong enough to stay in place. For example, if a seal moves along the rail, which has foreign material on its upper surface, force is generated to push the GC-Cap in from above.

The GC-Caps can be used in various service environments.

GC-Caps can be fitted without removing the LM Rail from the block. The cap should gradually be punched into the mounting holes until it is level with the rail's upper surface.

*This article forms part of a two-part series. For part two look out for Methods of protection for your LM Guide (Part 2)