Important precautions to take when using your LM Guide (Part 1)

October 24, 2023

Handling your LM Guide

  • LM guides are generally associated with heavy items of 20kg or more. It is recommended that two or more people, or moving equipment, is used when moving heavy items, or injury or product damage is likely to occur.
  • To prevent loss of product functionality, due to dust, do not disassemble the parts.
  • Do not tilt an LM block or rail as it causes them to fall by their own weight.
  • Dropping or striking the LM guide could result in injury or product damage. Any impact to the product could also cause damage to the product’s functionality, although it may look faultless.
  • Foreign material, such as dust and cutting chips, can cause damage to the ball bearings and result in loss of functionality if it enters the product.
  • Certain types of coolants may cause problems to product functionality. In this instance, contact DC Auto-Motion for details.
  • Do not use the product at temperatures of 80℃ or higher. Contact DC Auto-Motion to use the product at these temperatures.
  • If dust or cutting chips adheres to the product, refill the lubricant after cleaning the product with pure white kerosene. Contact DC Auto-Motion for available detergents.
  • Add a safety mechanism to prevent the LM guide from falling when in an inverted orientation. In the event that the end plate is damages, the ball bearings may fall out of the guide of the LM guide could detach from the LM rail.
  • It is advisable to contact DC Auto-Motion in the event that the LM guide is exposed to constant vibrations or in special environments such as clean rooms, vacuum and low/high temperature.
  • An LM block mounting/removing jig facilitates the removal of the LM block from the LM rail and the replacement of the block. Contact DC Auto-Motion for details.